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Updated:   13 Aug 2011, 18:00  ET
[Page created 13 Aug 2011]
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URL:  http://berliner-ultrasonics.org/ucontact.html

S. Berliner, III
Consultant in Ultrasonic Processing
"changing materials with high-intensity sound"

[consultation is on a fee basis]

Technical and Historical Writer, Oral Historian
Popularizer of Science and Technology
Rail, Auto, Air, Ordnance, and Model Enthusiast
Light-weight Linguist, Lay Minister, and Putative Philosopher

S. Berliner, III's



How to contact S. Berliner, III
d.b.a. Berliner-Ultrasonics
by snail-mail, telephone, or e-mail:


AT&T shut down WorldNet services on 15 Mar 2010 and my URLs on that site (and my e-mail address@) had to change;
check here and on my personal (sbiii.com) Home Page (if e-mail bounces) for the latest developments.

@ - On 10 Jun 2011, I discovered to my horror that, when AT&T discontinued my old <berliner-ultrasonics@att.net> e-mail address,
they did NOT refuse all subsequent messages but accepted them and stored them without my knowledge.
I have now (15 Jun 2011) accessed all 2,601 of them, killed all the endless spam and phishes,
and am now attempting to answer the remainder as appropriate.  Another 75+ turned up in late Jun 2011.


Because of the repeated abuse of my open snail- and e-mail addresses, I have a huge list of caveats on my personal (sbiii.com) CONTACT page.  I make the basic assumption that business contacts will be far more polite and reasonable and so give you the benefit the doubt.  If you are in any way carrying a chip on your shoulder, I'd suggest you read (and abide by) all those caveats lest you not get a response.

I had to tone down that diatribe a bit; I had scared off perfectly decent folks,
so, if you contact me with courtesy and thought, the odds are good you will hear from me.

I am having a hard time keeping up with all the many internal link changes inherent in this changeover and will very much appreciate notification of any broken internal links.
If you find regular text links broken, please tell me specifically where and what.

I changed hosting of my private domains, berliner-ultrasonics.org, sbiii.com, etc., over the weekend of 13-15 May 2005;
there are still some remanent problems and many images and pages hosted
on those sites were down temporarily (and a few still may be)

I have succesfully recovered SOME "irretrievably-lost" files from Internet Archive!  I highly recommend this invaluable service and, further, ask that you help fund this incredible effort.

In addition, Google has an Image Search capability (I use their Advanced Image Search function).

I regret to advise that I am always bombarded with spam and even malicious virus-laden messages and had finally been caught by a pernicious virus and will not normally open any incoming messages that do not bear a full sender's name (given AND family) and a subject (and the subject better not be "Hi!").

With over 485 pages up on these sites (as of 30 Jul 2010), many other storage sites, and several other private domains in the works, the volume of incoming e-mail is far more than I can handle, and I'm not even talking about spam or phishes (of which there is an ever-increasing flood!).

For example, I get requests to explain cavitation or to tell everything I know about ultrasonics; such inquiries come from people who haven't even taken the trouble to look at all the many pages I have put up (and indexed and even cross-indexed) with all that information and far more.

There is a master Ultrasonics Table of Contents (and others on personal and hobby interests in more detail on separate index pages).

Please exercise the courtesy of telling me to what page (by URL, preferably) you refer (and even where on the page) when making a specific comment.

In spite of these caveats, I really DO appreciate corrections, however.

Under no normal circumstances will I answer UNSIGNED e-mail!  You know who I am; tell me who you are!  It is a basic courtesy.  You have my name; please sign yours (in FULL)!

Also, please do not send me back my own message when responding to my outgoing messages!  I know what I wrote.

If you send me a message requesting a reply and I do reply and get your automatic anti-spam response, there is no way that I am going to register with you or otherwise exert myself to defeat your defenses!  If you write to me, please let your mail server recognise that!

Also, please exercise the most basic courtesy of NOT sending images or other large files without first arranging with me to do so.

One more caveat while I'm at it - I do NOT do "social media" (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so please do NOT invite me to "friend" you (not that way, anyway).

I have been taken severely to task for all these caveats (especially those on my private pages); all I'm asking is basic courtesy.  Normally, I answer all reasonably formulated incoming requests.  The only major exception is that I am so inundated with e-messages that I miss a few now and then; please feel free to nag me if I miss yours (but be sure to give the subject and date of the original message!).

Having caviled so, I will continue to give out my normal snail-mail address and telephone number and my e-mail address (nothing anonymous for me!), all noted below, and beg that you not abuse this openness.

{I had moved in Aug 1998, moved again in Nov 2006 (both in New York), and have moved yet again in Jul 2010 (this time to Massachusetts);
my current mailing address and telephone number are:}

S. Berliner, III
  {d.b.a. Berliner Ultrasonics}
P. O. Box 560087
West Medford, Massachusetts  02156

tel.:  781-874-0454

[Just so that there is absolutely no misunderstanding or misrepresentation, my title,
in spite of all my years of schooling and training, and experience, is simply "Mister" (Mr.).]

[Incoming FAX is temporarily out of service.]

(Junk and unsigned e-mail and blind telephone messages will NOT be answered)

(Neither will messages without a FULL sender's name or subject
because they will automatically be deleted)

Well, I have had to make one small change in my "openness"; the overwhelming onslaught of apparently-farmed commercial spam e-mail forces me to remove my open e-address and substitute a graphic:


I regret that this makes your life more difficult but I must protect myself.

{* - The former e-mail addresses, "Berliner-Ultrasonics@worldnet.att.net" and
"Berliner-Ultrasonics@att.net" are no longer valid." (15 Jun 2011).}
The e-mail address is also NOT case sensitive; you can use upper or lower case.

Personal e-mail may be sent to:


{* - The former e-mail addresses:




are no longer valid." (15 Jun 2011, rev'd. 13 Jul 2015).}

The e-mail addresses are also NOT case sensitive; you can use upper or lower case.


  What happens to all this when I DIE or (heaven forfend!) lose interest?  See LEGACY.


See Copyright Notice on Berliner-Utrasonics home page.

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THUMBS UP!  -  Support your local police, fire, and emergency personnel!

To contact S. Berliner, III, see above.

(Junk and unsigned e-mail and blind telephone messages will NOT be answered)

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