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S. Berliner, III
Consultant in Ultrasonic Processing
"changing materials with high-intensity sound"

[consultation is on a fee basis]

Technical and Historical Writer, Oral Historian
Popularizer of Science and Technology
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Honorary Life Member*
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[Please note that I am an independent consultant, NOT a manufacturer;
I WAS Director of Technical Services for Heat Systems-Ultrasonics
(now Misonix) for many years.
The Misonix SONICATOR line of ultrasonic liquid processors is now
manufactured by Qsonica, LLC, q.v.]

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Ultrasonics Page



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note-rt.gif - it was my original intention to use the main "home" or "index" page of this site for this purpose but the coverage of ultrasonics has become too extensive and complex even for me to follow; thus there is now a more-detailed index, which is in two forms.  The first part is a straight-forward index of the ultrasonics pages, brought forward from the site index page and amplified.  The second part is a linked alphabetical index to all or most of the terms used herein.

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Referral Page

This is now a Referral Page.

The UIA has moved (as noted below) and now has its own site. 04 UIA Logo
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The UIA is an organization of manufacturers, users, suppliers, and researchers involved in changing materials through application of intense sound energy at very high frequencies.

Since this is no longer the official UIA home page, I (SB,III) can add my own comment:

The biggest single value the UIA offers (other than open camaraderie among friendly competitors)
is the free exchange of information,
which is available to all members, not just manufacturers!

A courtesy listing of other organizations using the "UIA" acronym is appended hereto
at the bottom of this page.


The UIA now has its own site.

e-mail:  uia@ultrasonics.org

{Click here}


(new 1999)

"Vision Statment":

To be the forum for manufacturers, users
and researchers in ultrasonic technology.

"Mission Statement":

To improve processes, techniques and materials
through the application of ultrasonic technology.


The UIA's Annual Symposia are announced on the UIA home page.

The Ultrasonic Industry Association was founded as the Ultrasonic Manufacturers Association in 1956 and has since broadened to include manufacturers, users, suppliers, academicians, and others interested in the use of ultrasonic energy (high frequency sound applied at high intensity) to change materials.

The UIA is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the technology and application of ultrasonics used to create changes in materials.  Acting as a clearinghouse of information, we provide access to people, firms, and institutions knowledgeable in the field and sponsor symposia and provide timely information on developments in the field.

Membership can be a path for professional recognition and involvement in standards activities which are of ever-increasing importance.  The UIA also provides a vehicle for collective action and a unified voice in matters pertaining to ultrasonic uses and devices.

Membership benefits include the newsletter, notices of pressing import, and an annual Technical Symposium presenting papers, poster sessions, tutorials, and displays by members and suppliers.

Courtesy Notice:  linked list of some other "UIA"s, which may be reached at:
Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen of the Universiteit Antwerpen (University of Antwerp).
Universidad Iberoamericana, a Mexican Jesuit university.
Union of International Associations, a Belgian site server.
UnOfficial Information Alley, an Apple MacIntosh web service site.
Union Internationale des Architectes, the International Union of Architects.
Universal InterAd Co., Ltd., a commercial advertising agency.
ULTIMATE Internet Access, Inc., an Ontario, California based Internet service provider.
Uganda Investment Authority, an agency of the Ugandan government.
UIA???, possibly also the Universidad Interamericano.
UIA (Insurance) Limited, a British insurance company.
United Israel Appeal of Australia.
United Inventors Association, an American group.

{I make no guarantee as to the currency of this list - SB,III}

Further, the publicly-searchable photo database of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., has "UIA" in its URL, and we now have (or had) a new and appropriate arrival on the international scene:

Ultrasonics International Australia Pty Ltd. (a link was found but "does not exist or is not available" as of 22 Mar 2008))   rev.gif (22 Mar 08)

Some other URLs (as of 16 Nov 00):

UIA (Brazil?) - unknown - brings up unscrollable ghostly screens.
Union Internationale des Avocats, France - "the world’s oldest international association of bars,         bar associations, and law societies" ("bar" does NOT mean "pub", here!).
Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Spain.
Universidad Internacional de las Américas, Spain.
Now here's a "HOT" lead: Uranium Industry Annual!
And a "flighty" one: Ukraine International Airlines.

This linked list is presented solely as a personal courtesy by S. Berliner, III; neither he nor the Ultrasonic Industry Association are affiliated with any of these organizations, nor is any endorsement to be inferred.

S. Berliner, III
Consulting in Ultrasonic Processing

To contact S. Berliner, III, please click here.

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Call for Contributions

For the forthcoming book, "High-Intensity Ultrasonic Technology and Applications", on the application of power (high intensity) ultrasonics, the use of ultrasonic energy to change materials, I solicit input and refer you to Continuation Page 1 where details of this request have been moved.

Please note that a far-more detailed explanation of ultrasonic processing, as well as other technical literature, is available at no charge to consultation clients.  However, as what I believe to be a public service, I shall be adding more of my monographs on ultrasonics on this site; watch for them in the index (above).

You may wish to visit Continuation Page A, Continuation Page 1, Continuation Page 2, and Continuation Page 3 with more on ultrasonics, as well as the Ultrasonics Cleaning page {in process} and the Ultrasonics Glossary page {also in process}.

Those persons interested in SONOCHEMISTRY might wish to look at
Prof. Kenneth S. Suslick's and Shiga University's Sonochemistry pages.

The author gratefully acknowledges inclusion of these pages
in INTUTE: Science, Engineering and Technology
[formerly EEVL - the Enhanced and Evaluated Virtual Library
The Internet Guide for Engineering, Mathematics and Computing
(previously the Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library)
a service of the Heriot-Watt University funded by the JISC.]


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